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Bagatitsa Cossack Dance (Mansion of Countess Sofia Panina, folk show)

Bagatitsa Cossack Dance (Mansion of Countess Sofia Panina, folk show)
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Genre: Folk Show | Language: Russian | Age restriction: 6+ | Length: 1 hour 45 minutes | Intermissions: 1 | Opening night: 03 January 2005


Director and balletmeiter - Alexey Subin
Choirmaster and soloist - Tatiana Fominykh


Cossacs call bagatitsa is a bonfire, this means that the cossacs folkshow is really hot and bright. Cossacs descendants can be quite frequently met in St. Petersburg, as it were cossacs, who were guarding the royal family.
Every performance of Bagatitsa show is a scene from cossacs' life, shown in song or dance. Love and passion, celebrations - everyone will understand the language of folk dances, no matter which language he speaks.
The cossacs folkshow, performed by the Bagatitsa ensemble, founded in 2005, is unique performance, staged by the famous Alexey Subin. Sparkling, artistic cossacs songs and dances enthrall any audience.
The ensemble includes the orchestra, the dancing choir and the singing ballet. Many of the artists are hereditary cossacs, who deliver cossacs' traditions to the public all over the world. The ensemble have concert tours every year all over the Europe, including Spain, Sweden, Finland, Chezh republic and other countries.


Mansion of Countess Sofia Panina playbill

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